The passion we have for athletic and academic excellence

is the driving force behind our plan


PIERCE Athletic Academic Consulting bridges the gap between athletics and academics to promote a culture of excellence on and off the field.


A nation-wide web-based academic management system that facilitates the NCAA initial eligibility process for high school counselors and administrators and prepares student-athletes to compete in the classroom with equal rigor as they do in their respective sports.

One-on-One Consulting

Student-athletes and their families can opt to get one-on-one consulting on the NCAA initial eligibility and college selection process that meet both athletic and academic goals. High Schools can opt to receive one-on-one consulting on designing and implementing a true athletic academic program that maintains a culture of excellence for college-bound student-athletes.


A tutor management system for colleges/universities. It is designed to automate processes such as tutor hiring, student-athlete tutor requests/assignments, session feedback, and payroll, while maintaining academic integrity.

About Us

PIERCE Athletic Academic Consulting, is an innovative company, offering holistic services to high school student-athletes, parents, coaches, counselors and administrators, as well as college and/or university coaches, advisors, and other representatives.


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