Play in College.  Compete in the Classroom.  Succeed in Life.

The Problem

1 in every 10 high school student-athletes is ineligible to go to college per NCAA initial eligibility requirements.

Up to 44% of student-athletes are deemed ineligible by the NCAA Eligibility Center living in the top 30 urban school districts

High schools are unequipped to handle this problem.

The American School Counselor Association recommends a ratio of 250-to-1; however, the national average is 471:1; Furthermore, many student-athletes lack a support system at home to guide them through the process.

Our Solution

PIERCE Plan provides a tool to automatically track NCAA academic requirements in real time so high school student-athletes are eligible to play in college and compete in the classroom.

Pierce Plan Journey

The PIERCE Plan supports the NCAA, to shift focus from athletic eligibility to college readiness, by providing a system that will empower student-athletes in their academics and promote excellence in the classroom.


Our goal is to provide this service to every student-athlete for free by offering high schools an annual licensing agreement.  On average, the cost per student is less than a coffee and breakfast sandwich from your favorite coffee shop.  Please contact us to receive specific pricing as we work with all institutions, no matter how big or small. Additionally, colleges/universities interested in accessing academic information of potential recruits should contact us for pricing plans.

Reduce workload

The PIERCE Plan significantly reduces workload for counselors/administrators because it automatically:

  • Calculates NCAA core GPA and SAT/ACT score required to meet sliding scale
  • Sends out alerts, notifications, and reminders to student-athletes and parents; and
  • Stores transcripts/test score files to database for colleges/universities to easily access.

Collaboration & Accountability

Streamlines all academic and eligibility information for student-athletes, parents, coaches, high school counselors, and administrators and increases accountability with Student-Athlete Checklist, Notes, and Action History features. Approved colleges/universities can access pertinent academic information on potential recruits from anywhere and at any time.

Academic Excellence

Student-athletes will be able to:

  • Monitor academic progress from anywhere and at any time by the click of a button;
  • Receive ‘at-risk’ notifications, meeting requests and reminders directly to their phone; and
  • Create and save scenarios of future grades to receive instant feedback on the impact of future eligibility.

The Results

Because of PIERCE Plan, student-athletes will succeed in life.

About Us

PIERCE Plan, is an innovative company, offering holistic services to high school student-athletes, parents, coaches, counselors and administrators, as well as college and/or university coaches, advisors, and other representatives.


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