Preparing student-athletes to compete in the classroom

with equal rigor as they do in their respective sports.

About Us

Kelly Pierce, Founder of PIERCE Athletic Academic Consulting and the PIERCE Plan, has experience working with student-athletes at both the collegiate and high school levels. At the University of Miami, she served as an Athletic Academic Advisor for the men’s football team and women’s basketball team. In addition, she was the Tutor Coordinator, managing 100+ tutors and coordinating both one-on-one support and study groups for 400+ student-athletes.

As an Athletic Academic Advisor, she was responsible for evaluating high school transcripts of potential student-athletes to determine if they were projected to be final qualifiers per the NCAA; to her a task connected to an inefficient system, “As the rest of society moved into a world of technology, I was sitting behind my desk crunching GPAs manually, and evaluating transcripts by hand. It took time away from working with student-athletes that needed academic support.”

I graduated 100% of the football players I advised at the University of Miami.

Kelly Pierce CEO – Founder

In her experience working with collegiate student-athletes, she realized that many student-athletes come to the university unprepared academically, an issue that has received national attention, “Many high school student-athletes are pushed through the system to meet eligibility requirements, and as a result are set up for failure the minute they step foot in a college classroom.” We aren’t going to cure homelessness by giving the homeless man a quarter every time we walk past him; and yet we do the same thing for many student-athletes. As cliché as it sounds, we have chosen to put a Band-Aid on the problem instead of solve it.

Kelly is a problem solver so she set out to change the culture for student-athletes as it exists to day on a large scale. She used her bachelor’s degree in Exceptional Student Education and went back into the classroom to teach mathematics to 7th-9th grade students to determine the root of the problem and find a solution that would both ensure eligibility and increase college readiness. To immerse herself in the athletic world, she took the Head Middle School Boys Basketball Coaching position and assisted the junior varsity and varsity boy’s basketball team at SLAM Middle/High School, a Sports Leadership and Management Carter School in Little Havana, a low-income neighborhood in Miami, Florida. While working with these teams, she created an environment that promoted college readiness; a structured study hall, weekly progress monitoring, and equal emphasis on academics as athletics. This past year all four seniors on the basketball team were offered opportunities to play at the collegiate level, one on full scholarship, and three will be the first in their families to earn a college degree.

Kelly realized that in order to initiate a culture shift, she needed to get everyone onboard: high school student-athlete, parents, counselors, coaches, administrators, and colleges/universities. She needed them to unite as one so together they can combat this issue.  She realized that in order to get everyone on board, each party needed to see a personal benefit, a ‘what’s in it for me?’  This paved the way to the PIERCE Plan.

The PIERCE Plan aligns with the NCAA’s philosophy to raise academic standards to increase college readiness.  Furthermore, PIERCE Athletic Academic Consulting provides high schools with support to create a college-ready environment for student-athletes in order to ensure a seamless transition from high school to college.   We are truly a company that provides holistic services that not only benefit the student-athletes but all stakeholders involved.  PIERCE Athletic Academic Consulting is the solution.

student-athletes will work to meet the expectations you set for them.

It is in their nature to compete to be the best and I believe that it is possible for a student-athlete to compete in the classroom with equal rigor as they do in their respective sport.

About Us

PIERCE Athletic Academic Consulting, is an innovative company, offering holistic services to high school student-athletes, parents, coaches, counselors and administrators, as well as college and/or university coaches, advisors, and other representatives.


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