I bought into the belief that you can excel at more than one thing.

Who We Are

PIERCE Athletic Academic Consulting is an innovative company that bridges the gap between athletics and academics by providing high schools with the first ever web-based academic management system to efficiently track NCAA initial eligibility and promote college readiness.

What We Do

We reduce the work-load for high school counselors and administrators, track NCAA initial eligibility requirements, and equip student-athletes with skills to compete in the classroom with equal rigor as they do in their respective sports.

Why We Do it

We do it so that all students have free access and not limited by academics to compete at the collegiate level; so that high school counselors and administrators can be more student-centered and less paperwork-laden; and so that colleges/universities can access academic information of potential recruits efficiently.


Tracks the NCAA initial eligibility requirements

For the first time ever high school counselors, coaches, and administrators collaborate under the same web-based academic management system.


  • Affordable to all high school student-athletes
  • Cuts workload for high school counselors
  • Promotes academic excellence


A nation-wide web-based academic management system that facilitates the NCAA initial eligibility process for high school counselors and administrators and prepares student-athletes to compete in the classroom with equal rigor as they do in their respective sports.

One-on-One Consulting

Student-athletes and their families can opt to get one-on-one consulting on the NCAA initial eligibility and college selection process that meet both athletic and academic goals. High Schools can opt to receive one-on-one consulting on designing and implementing a true athletic academic program that maintains a culture of excellence for college-bound student-athletes.


A tutor management system for colleges/universities. It is designed to automate processes such as tutor hiring, student-athlete tutor requests/assignments, session feedback, and payroll, while maintaining academic integrity.

“Get your work done early”

He was speaking about basketball, but of course you can imagine how it applies to life as well.

Work hard, really hard (and have a little fun) because the time will fly by!

This is such a special time in your life – chase your dreams and dream big because the sky is truly the limit.

About Us

PIERCE Athletic Academic Consulting, is an innovative company, offering holistic services to high school student-athletes, parents, coaches, counselors and administrators, as well as college and/or university coaches, advisors, and other representatives.





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